Arthur J. Gallagher provided quite a specific brief when it came to the look and feel of their new office space. Their desire was for a office space design that would reflect their corporate branding, but also be an inviting and interesting place to work – no one wants to hate Mondays!

Sheldon Commercial Interiors were engaged to realise the brief. The new office space design needed to deliver two levels, each designed for different purposes. One level, a mainly client facing space, the other a functional working floor.

To compliment the soft greys, whites, and corporate blue of Arthur J. Gallagher, Sheldon Commercial Interiors selected Havwoods GECA certified HW636-C Oak Ice White from our Europlank range for the flooring throughout the space as part of the design solution.

“The light tones of the Havwoods product we selected not only complemented the cool corporate blues, soft greys and whites but also contrasted beautifully against the greenery around the office.”
– Vivien Bartlett, Interior Designer

Havwoods acoustic underlay was used beneath the timber flooring to ensure the requirement for good acoustics in the space was met.

“We had no issues with the supply and install of the timber planks and as acoustics were a high priority for the client we used an acoustic underlay to give them peace of mind that the timber would not cause any noise issues. The Havwoods planks are a high quality product that have been proven to stand the test of time and when you walk into the Arthur J. Gallagher space the effect of the timber is just beautiful and it creates an almost residential feel within the Reception and Breakout spaces.”
– Vivien Bartlett, Interior Designer

The resultant office space design is a light and airy space. Grounding touches of nature throughout including Harbour views, organically placed greenery and the stunning timber flooring ensure everyone will enjoy Mondays in this office space!


All of our Europlank products are GECA certified and suitable for commercial and residential applications.

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